Monday, October 18, 2010

Raggedy Ann Invites

These Raggedy Ann Invitation turned out adorable. I just loved them! And since I have craft supplies on hand basically all the time, I was able to use my scraps to make them. No purchases required!

I started by searching for images online for Raggedy Ann. I scrolled around and clicked a bit until I found this sweet little picture of her and knew that this was the Image of Destiny. I printed out several of them, traced a circle around it (I think I used the lid to my baking powder container!) and cut it out. Then I found a slightly larger lid, and traced it on red and blue scrap booking paper scraps I had saved. This time I cut it out with my scalloped-edged scissors.

Then I glued the picture into the center, and got out my ribbons and buttons box. I sifted through until I found all my narrow varieties of red and blue ribbons and mismatched buttons of write, blue and red. After cutting lots of little bits and pieces, I layered them on each invitation, putting more red ribbons on the invites with blue paper, and more blue ribbons on the invites with red paper. A little hot glue, and they were all set. Perfectly cute.

On the back, I wrote all the information for the party, but I used this great on-line tool to have it print out in a spiral shape: . So once it was printed, I traced another circle, and cut around it, and it looked so fun on the circular invitation.

Presto: In one evening, I had cute invitations for every girl in the kindergarten class, and I used up some odds and ends that were just kicking around in the bottom of my craft box. Perfect!

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  1. OMG love it I changed mine up a bit they r so cute


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