Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thoughts On Parenting

I am not a parenting expert. I do not have a PhD in childhood development, I have not authored a book on parenting techniques, and I have not been the inspiration for a Hallmark card.

But I am a mom. And I love being a mom. And I try my best to be a good one.

I believe that parenting needs to be done with purpose and with a goal in mind. Mine is to raise my children to be intelligent, confident, and kind adults who greet the world with enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

With that endpoint in view, I do my best to fill their days with activities and moments that teach them, nurture them, and let them feel the thrill of accomplishment. I want them to feel the happiness in their lives and find opportunities to explore and grow in the direction that helps them become the people they are meant to be.

Motherhood is my blessing and my joy. It brings me deep feelings of fulfillment and self worth. Raising children is not easy. It can be demanding, time consuming, and occasionally, thankless. But it is, even at its most challenging, it is the thing I love best.

It is the feeling of a warm little hand in my own as I cross the street.
It is the wriggly little person on my lap while I read.
It is the voice calling for me in the middle of the night.
It is the tiny little face smiling up at me from across the dinner table.

The chance to get to have these little people in my life every day is as amazing as it is humbling. And I pray that I will do the right thing for them and be the mother that they need me to be.

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