Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tissue Paper Puffs

I only discovered these adorable decorations earlier this year, and they are my new favorite way to decorate for a party. I like them with a solid color, but they look extra special if you layer different colours of tissue in the same puff.

Since I was making them for a Raggedy Ann bash this time, I decided to make this one look like her stockings: red and white stripes.

I have found that 7 layers of tissue paper is the ideal for me. More than that and the layers are too thick to separate at the end step and I get more tearing, and with less, there isn't enough poofiness to them.

After you have layered the papers and lined up the corners as best you can, fold up the bottom edge about 1.5".

Flip over the whole thing, and fold the other way, accordion style. (Like you are making a paper fan)

When it is all folded, pinch the center together tightly, and fasten it with a twist tie.

Tie a length of string around the twist tie so you can hang it when you're done.

Round off the edges to give it more of a 'flower petal' look. Or, you could make a sharp triangle on the ends as an alternative.

Fan it out on either side of the twist tie. It should look kind of like a butterfly now.

Gently, gently, (remember, this is tissue paper) separate each layer from each other to fill it out into a puffy sphere.

Hang and admire them.

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