Saturday, November 13, 2010

Handprint-Poppy Wreath

When I went to the Remembrance Day assembly at my children's school, I saw a neat craft that some classes had made from their hand prints. When we were all home that evening we made one together as a whole family.

The first thing we did was to trace at least one hand from every person in our family.

Then we cut them out, arranged them into a wreath shape, and glued them into place.

I made a quick poppy shape 'tracer' for the kids, and they each traced one and cut it out.

Then we glued the poppies to the wreath.

We cut out black centers and glued them on, and then we were finished.
We displayed it on our front window to help us remember all the brave veterans who have paid the price for our nation's freedom. I especially liked that it was a little piece of each of us, unified together in this moment of gratitude.

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