Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fancy Caramel Apples

We love making caramel apples every fall. Love it. This year, we made our usual, but we also added a few steps to make some extra fancy ones. (I had seen some like these on a blog and thought it was such a great idea!)

We began by readying our materials. We got our candies and put them into bowls, spread wax paper over our workspace, washed and dried the apples, and then my oldest worked at getting the sticks into the cores.

Using all his muscles.

I just used a commercial mix for the caramel this year, but have made scratch before. I have actually found that the mix is better at not running off the apples as much.

We dipped the apples, spinning them and letting the trail let off before we....

rolled them in candies! We used candy corn, smarties, Reese's pieces, and crushed peanuts.

These ones we refrigerated and left alone. There was another pan that we made where we only dipped in caramel - no candies. We let those harden overnight, and in the morning, we dipped them again!

This time in chocolate!
Then the caramel-chocolate apples were dipped in the treats. Oh, my! (Please note we did this while still in pjs and bathrobes. Who can wait for silly things like getting dressed or doing hair before making such yummy delights?)

When those had firmed up, I drizzled them with the bit of leftover chocolate. Super fancy!

At last, it was time to taste them! Oh, so good!

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