Monday, December 13, 2010


I am not an interior decorator. Far from it. I look at people who have made their homes beautiful and I wonder how they pulled all those different things together to make one wonderful looking room.

But I do know that just about everything looks better when you display it with glass.

These mini pumpkins I bought for Thanksgiving suddenly look dressed up and fancy when I put them in a pedestal bowl.

Gum balls and Hershey Kisses look completely eye catching, and bags of saltwater taffy look lovely sitting on a cake platter.

And somehow even spooky rubber spiders and plastic frogs manage to look pretty when they are in glass jars of 'potion ingredients.'

(Just to be clear, I didn't think of putting these creepy things in glass. That was a mom at the Potluck Halloween Party - but it does help to prove my point: glass really can make anything look beautiful.)

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