Saturday, December 11, 2010


A twist on a Halloween classic: Instead of a regular witch, why not be Medusa?

This last winter while the Olympics were on, we took the opportunity to learn a little about the origin of the games and the country they started in. While we were reading about some of the mythology, my then five-year-old girl was fascinated by the idea of a witch who could turn people to stone with her glare and whose hair was made of writhing, slithering snakes.

As Halloween approached, she knew what she wanted to have for her costume.

It was pretty easy to pull off. About $7 of black broadcloth was quickly sewn into a simple witch's gown, and after a trip to the dollar store to buy lots and lots of snakes, we were ready to assemble.

I used my hot glue gun to glue the snakes to hair clips and then we ratted her hair up all over head. Clip by clip we added more snakes until her hair looked alive. She loved it! And it was so different from all the other costumes in her class, which I appreciated.

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