Monday, January 10, 2011

Fairytale Time - Johnny Appleseed

I was all set to do The Magic Fish this Friday afternoon. I had it planned and ready.

But in the morning when I took my kids to the library for story time, this book caught my eye.

True, it isn't really a fairytale, but it is a Tall Tale at least. So we brought it home and had a change of plans. And hey, I can always do The Magic Fish this Friday, right?

The book was a good pick, since my kids had never heard of Johnny before. They were especially entertained by the tales of him wrestling with bears and having a wolf for a pet. Steven Kellogg is also a great illustrator of children's stories; keep your eye out for his work at your library.

For our activity, we made an apple-stamping picture of Johnny. Firs I gave my kids crayons and paper and asked them to draw their favourite part of the story, but to leave off Johnny's head.

The we cut an apple in half and dipped it in a little bit of red paint.

The apple print became the head for our pictures.

Then we added googly eyes and let the wet paint be our 'glue.' Their pictures turned out so funny!

We cut up a couple more apples into slices and ate them with caramel dipping sauce for a special treat when we were done. Yum!

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