Friday, January 14, 2011

Sesame Street Birthday - The Invitations

To be honest, sometimes making cute invitations just seems like one more thing to do. There have been parties, especially when my kids were younger, where the invitation has been a phone call. But the older they get, the more eager they are to have some real, tangible proof that yes, there will be a party.

And so, I made invitations for my little man. He had chosen a Sesame Street theme for his party, which opened up lots of fun opportunities.

I looked around online a bit for idea. All the invitations I saw had the characters from the show, especially Elmo, on them. And they were cute, don't get me wrong, but I just did it a little differently. I made my invites look like the classic Sesame Street sign. That way it would be more clear that it was a Sesame Street party and not a Cookie Monster, or an Elmo, or a Big Bird, etc party.

To make this invitation, I borrowed a Slice paper cutter from a friend, and cut out all the letters. I was thankful to have it since I knew I'd never do so well with scissors by hand. I cut out a rectangle of green card stock and glued on the words, but instead of writing "Sesame Street," I wrote "Birthday Party." Then I traced a small mixing bowl to get a circle, cut it in half, and that became the dome on top of the sign. I used the Slice again to get the numbers, this time in a smaller size, and glued them on. Then I glued the whole thing onto yellow card stock, and cut out around the green to give it a nice border, just like the official sign. They were ready.

Then on the back, I wrote the information. I started by adapting the lyrics to the Sesame Street theme song: Sunny Day, Everything's A-Okay! Come and Play, Its (insert your child's name here) 4th birthday! Then I included the date, time, and location, and for fun, I wrote that 'This invitation has been brought to you by the letter (first letter of your child's name) and the number 4 (or whatever age your child is turning).

The invitations ended up being so big, I had to make my own giant envelopes from over-sized white paper. I just spread it out, placed an invitation on it, folded around it, and taped them shut. Then we chose bright happy colours and wrote "B is for Birthday," (another idea would have been "P is for Party").

Then my very excited boy and I climbed into the van and delivered them to all his little friends. They were all happy to get such a big envelope to open, and my guy was so happy to deliver them.


  1. Holy Smokes, you outdid yourself on this one! I think if I could do it all over again maybe all birthdays would be decorated in primary colours.

  2. What a great idea!!! Super fun party!


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