Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Painting

We had done this once earlier in the season at Joy School, but we've had so much beautiful snow lately that it was definitely time to pull this activity back out and do it again!

I bought three squirt bottles at our local dollar store (I love dollar stores!). I planned on filling them up with the primary colours of red, yellow, and blue, and then we could make other colours on the snow as we played. But - the kids didn't want yellow. They wanted green. I tried to convince them, but they weren't interested, so yellow was out, and green was in.

Come to think of it - colouring the snow yellow is a little distasteful!

To make the coloured squirters, I just filled them with water and added food colouring drop by drop until I thought it was dark enough to contrast easily on the white snow.

Just a warning here - the food colouring can stain, so make sure that if they do get some on their winter clothes you wash it right away!

My husband built a snowpig with the kids a few days ago and we used our squirters to paint him pink. How cool is that? We actually got a few comments on him from our smiling neighbours!

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