Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese Dragon

This past week was the Chinese New Year celebrations. We don't have any cultural ties to that part of the globe, but any reason to celebrate is good enough for me, and this also gave me a chance to talk with my children about other cultures a bit. Two birds with one stone, right?

We made a dragon craft in the afternoon while the youngest slept. I had actually prepared enough materials to do this with him too, (granted I'd be doing most of it) but he was just so tired he couldn't delay his nap and we went ahead without him.

Step 1: Choose coloured paper and trace each hand two times to make four hands.

2. Cut out each handprint. These will form the body of the dragon.

3. Cut out two legs, a tail, a head and a mane for the dragon.

4. Decorate the head and add any details you want.

5. Glue the mane onto the head, and arrange the handprints to create a scaly-looking body.

6. Glue on the head, legs, and tail.

7. Add another colouring detail you choose to customize your dragon.

Finished! Three ferocious looking beasts. (the dragons, not the kids!)

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