Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hugs And Kisses Tic Tac Toe

A couple of years ago, a friend passed on this idea to play Xs and Os as a Valentine's game. You know, since XOXO means hugs and kisses. We've done it ever since, but this year as I cut out the construction paper to play it, it occurred to me that I could do a heart-shaped O to make it even more Valentine-y. My daughter, who adores all things girly, LOVED this addition to the game.

We cut out large pieces from red and pink construction paper and play it on our living room floor. I just made my grid with kitchen string, but to make it prettier you could use red or pink ribbon. But kitchen string is what I had, so kitchen string is what I used.

Sorry about the pictures. For some reason they are loading sideways and I cannot get them to flip. Here they are playing.

Hearts win!

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