Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy School - Reptiles

We switched monthly themes this week. We had lots of fun learning about our bodies in January, but it was time to move on. February's theme is animals. We will be exploring a different group of animals each week, beginning with reptiles.

Lesson Time: We learned that reptiles are divided into four groups: Crocodilia, Squamata, Testudines and Sphenodontia. Long words. What they translate to are crocodiles and alligators, snakes and lizards, turtles and tortoises, and tuataras.

We learned the size of a few of the biggest reptiles by lining the kids up from head to toe and using a measuring tape to see what reptile was as long as them. The biggest one was the saltwater crocodile; it took all five kids! (5.5 meters)

We also learned that reptiles are cold blooded, so they like to live in warm places, and that the sex of some species of reptiles is determined by how hot or cold the eggs are kept. So fascinating!

Singing Time: We learned a fun new song where we got to snap our arms together like a crocodile. It has been stuck in my man's head and he has been singing it ever since.

Art Time: Our host had printed out several information sheets about different reptiles and their pictures and the kids got to choose one and colour it.

Craft Time: We made a fun snake puppet. First we cut out the head and coloured it, added googly eyes and a tongue. Then we glued it onto a strip of paper, which was wrapped around our children's hands and stapled to that size. Then when the kids put their hands in the loop, their arms became the snake's body behind the head. Such a cool idea.

Having fun hissing his puppet at mommy.

Snack Time: We had apple slices, and a yummy cereal-snake. It was made with cornflakes, marshmallow, peanut butter, and margarine, and the eyes were made from raisins. It not only tasted good, but the cornflakes totally looked all scaly like a real snake.

Here he is enjoying his edible reptile.

Wiggle Time: We had slithering races across the living room! The kids lined up on their tummies and had to wriggle their way without using their hands and feet. (there was a bit of cheating on that, but they did pretty good!)

Something Special: This was the coolest part! She had a friend with a pet gecko bring it over for the kids to see a real live reptile!

They were riveted! Normally there is a little noise and craziness in Joy School, and that is fine, but they were so still and quiet when we were learning about this little guy! We got to see it stalk some crickets, learned how it shed it's skin, and how it usually likes to sleep in the day and be awake at night.

And then, the most exciting part: We all got a turn to touch it! It was bumpy and soft at the same time.
It was so amazing.

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  1. i am thiking...that i'm so going to miss joy school, miss all you mom's and your wonderful children!! joy school was fantastic this week...just like all the other weeks and i sure hope i can find another group of mom's to do joy school with!! thanks for blogging about our lessons marie; you are a busy mom and it's fantastic that you make blogging a priority! i'm gonna keep checking out your blog after we move for all the fun ideas you post about!


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