Monday, February 21, 2011

Letter Of The Week - C

Letter of the Week is proving to be a smash hit around here. The bigger kids want to know what we did for our 'letter activities' when they get home from school and I've had to start reserving some craft materials for them to make their own, and setting some time aside to read them the stories we read that day. Awesome!

Day 1: We made our letter C for our growing Alphabet Binder. I had gotten the materials I thought were appropriate ready and called my son to the table. I had out popcorn kernels to glue one. C for Corn, right? He did not like this one bit. It wasn't corn! It was popcorn, so that clearly belongs to week 'P.' I didn't have another idea so I turned it over to him. "What do you think we could decorate with?"

Without a pause, he quickly said, "C is for CANDY!" Fortunately, with Valentine's Day we had plenty of that stuff around. So our craft began by eating the candies we had so we could glue their wrappers on our letter. I also had a few stickers of candy hearts so he added those too.

Our alphabet book this week was Nascar ABCs where every letter stood for something regarding cars, which I thought was a good fit for C-week. Of course, I'm sure if he'd noticed that it was a Nascar book, he'd have insisted we used it for 'N!'

Day Two: C is for Cowboys:

*We dressed up in Cowboy duds. Yes, me too.

*I taught him the song, "Home on the Range"

*We read The Dirty Cowboy, by Amy Timberlake. This book was very cute. It was about a cowboy who was very, very dirty so he went to wash himself in the stream. After a good scrub, his dog didn't recognize his scent and thought a stranger was trying to steal his master's clothes and a scuffle between them arose. It was really funny.

*We played several rounds of horseshoes.
*We coloured pictures of cowboys
*We rode on many stallions: rocking horses, hobby horses, and bouncy horses.

Day Three: C is for Colours

*This day started by using Crayola Tub Tints in his morning bath. I let him choose two colours so as the tablets dissolved, he could watch them blend together and make a new colour. He chose yellow and blue, so within a few minutes the water was green. Always a hit.

*We read A Colour Of His Own, by Leo Lionni
*We read Red is Best by Kathy Stinson

*We played Twister.

*And we played Red Light, Green Light.

Day Four: C is for Cookie

Since my son is such a fan of the Sesame Street songs, I knew that I really had to do this as one of our days.

*I started out the day by turning on the Youtube video of Cookie Monster singing his famous song.
*We baked chocolate chip cookies together
*We ate chocolate chip cookies together

*My kids like to share the treats we make with their little friends, and nearly every time we bake, they ask if they can please take some to _________(fill in the blank here with any number of names). So on this day, I let him chose a friend to share some cookies with and we put together a little plate of treats and drove them to his house.

*We read Cookies, Bite-Size Life Lessons by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

*When I told him that we were all finished our cookie activities, he said, "But Mom! I know one more thing I could do! I could play my Cookie Monster Wii game!" So funny! But hey, it is a game of numbers, and Counting starts with C, right?

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