Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indoor Snow Play

It is always lots of fun to take the kids out in the yard and play in the snow, but it is hard for my littlest man to participate. He can still be a little wobbly walking, especially in big clunky boots on uneven terrain, and so he spends most of the time sitting in the cold, frustrated that he can't get around.

Which really just means that I don't take him out to play in the snow because it is so miserable for him.

Enter this brilliant idea:

Snow Play in the kitchen sink!

I'd brought snow inside in buckets before and let the kids play with it on the kitchen floor, although admittedly, I haven't even done that once all winter. It was kind of a pain, since you had to spread out towels all over the floor, which made more laundry....

But then I saw this idea over on a friend's blog!

It is so much easier, since sinks are designed to take the mess down the drain for you. No more towels all over the floor.

I put a few of his stacking cups in the sink for him to fill and play around with, and a serving spoon made a fine shovel.

It was great! As soon as I set him up on a chair, he was quick to dive right on in.

I kid you not, he stood there for half and hour straight, digging, scooping, and dumping.
And it turns out that even my bigger kids thought it was a great idea. As soon as I packed my little guy off for his nap, they jumped right in!

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  1. This looks familiar! :) Although I haven't let Ivy try it yet...I'm pretty sure she would fall off the chair. Maybe in a few months...although I hope we don't have snow by then!


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