Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Letter of the Week - G

Day One: *We made our letter page for our refrigerator display. *We decorated the letter G with Green and Gold Glitter. (Okay, we also used red and blue glitter too) I found glitter in my local dollar store that had sprinkle tops, like a spice jar, and wow! They were so great! Much less mess than the old method of pinching some out of the pot and sprinkling it with your fingers. So great.
Here is our very sparkly letter G.

Our alphabet book this time was G is for One Gzonk. It was totally adorable and funny. And the pictures reminded me of Norman Rockwell, if he had done any silly paintings.

Day Two: G is for Goat

*We started the day by watching this video:

*We made finger puppets for the three goats and the troll, and then we used them to retell the story. You can find the templates here. We had lots of fun with this.

Day Three: G is for Garden

*We learned the nursery rhyme, "Mary, Mary, Quiet Contrary."

*We coloured pictures of flowers

*We found some Sesame Street clips to watch. (is there anything they DON'T have a segment for? This is awesome!)

*We opened a package of seeds and looked at them very closely. Then we put some soil in a cup and planted them.

*We talked about the things plants need to grow, and then gave our seeds some water and set them on the windowsill to give them light.

*(since this actually all happened about two weeks ago, we now have tiny little plants shooting up! - Very exciting!)

* I had hoped that we could use this day to go out to our garden and start digging in the soil and doing a little spring gardening in the yard, but it was still way to cold and snowy. Rats!

Day Four: G is for Gorilla

*We started this day by watching two short Sesame Street video clips on Youtube.

After we watched this first one, my boy looked up at me and said, "That did NOT look like a gorilla!" Ha!

He thought this second one was much better. But he did ask if there really are green gorillas.

*We read Little Beauty, by Anthony Browne. It is the story of a gorilla in a zoo who learned sign language and told the zookeepers that he wanted a friend. They gave him a little kitten and the two became best friends. It was pretty cute.

*We made this craft that I found online. It was a perfect fit because on one side of the stick puppet is a happy gorilla, and the other side is a sad one, and in the book the gorilla starts out sad, and then is happy at the end.

*The last thing we did for our gorilla day was to use our stick puppets to sing, Smiles, (which I always thought was called, "If You Chance to Meet a Frown.")

After we had finished up all our gorilla activities for the day, my son asked, "Why didn't we do G is for Green?" (Gorilla day happened to land on St. Patrick's Day. And, yes, his idea would have been much easier than mine since we had lots of green for the occasion. Oh well!)

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