Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tiny Party - Party Time Fun

After we had all enjoyed our teeny tiny lunch, it was time to get on with the fun and games! I like to make the activities match the theme of the party, and after a few weeks of agonizing over ideas for a tiny party, we came up some wonderful plans.

My daughter's favourite party game is duck, duck, goose. I'm not sure why she loves it so, but at every one of her parties she wants to include it in the plans. Although it was played in the same way as the traditional game, to fit the theme we played, "little, little, littlest." She got chosen three times - so exciting!
Our next activity was playing with Shrinky Dinks. Have you ever played with those? They are amazing, and a perfect fit for this party. The package comes with pre-printed pictures and pencil crayons.

The kids all spent some time colouring in their pictures and making them beautiful. (This is also a great shot to show the fancy hairdo we did for her party: three sideways French braids, wound into a bun, and topped off with a flower. She looked so beautiful!)

This is my girl's in it's original form. As you can see, it is larger than her palm. But when we put it into the oven, right before their very eyes, the children got to watch it shrink...

Down to this teensy little size. Amazing!

Our next activity was mini golf. My husband designed a course in the playroom that involved tunnels, ramps, and even a swinging pendulum. I called a local mini golf course and rented a real mini putter for the afternoon. It was a smash hit, and after the party was over, my children spent a while working on their short game.

The reason I threw a 'tiny' party for my daughter is because she loves little toys. The smaller the better. She will play with them for hours. She has a special fondness for the Littlest Pet Shop toys, and has quite a few. For this activity, I made up playing cards that had images of 10 of her Pet Shop toys and a blank square next to each. Then I hid those Pet Shops around the house, resting on a pink card with a number from 1-10 on it. To play the game, the kids had to search the house and record the number that went with each hidden Pet Shop.

My last game was Pass The Parcel. The children had to roll a six, (the birthday girl's age) and when they did, they got to have a turn unwrapping the gift. They were to unwrap as many layers of paper as they could until someone else rolled a six, and then they had to pass the gift to them, (and so on and so on) until the prize was finally revealed. I had used several different sizes of boxes, all wrapped multiple times, so that as they unwrapped, the prize got smaller and smaller, until at the center there was a tiny box that held a caramel for each of them.

Then we regrouped back up at the table for cake and ice cream.

Time to light the candles!

Making her wish.
The cake was served on a pink plate with a pink napkin, and was accompanied by a mini-scoop of strawberry-vanilla swirl ice cream.

When the cake and ice cream had been enjoyed by all, we went back down to the playroom for the pinata. Instead of making several small pinatas, I opted to make a regular sized one, but filled it with mini chocolate bars.
The kids all had a turn to take a swing at it until it broke and spilled its treats, which were quickly snatched up by little hands.

Party hats never seem to last long, so I always try to put them on during one of the more stationary activities of the day. Usually I hand them out at cake time, but this time we put them on for the gift exchange. Look how small they are! So cute!

To chose the next person to give a gift, we played Button, Button, Whose Got The Button? I got a pink button from my sewing supplies, and while my daughter had her eyes closed, I'd pass it to one of the guests. Then all the children would hold out both their hands, held tightly into fists, and the birthday girl would have to guess which hand was hiding the button. When the button was found, that child would give their gift.

I think having a game to determine which gift would be next worked out really well. It eliminated the worry of someone feeling left out because they hadn't been selected yet - they just needed to wait for the button to find it's way into their fist!

After she had opened all her wonderful presents, it was time for her to give each of her friends a gift in return - their treat bags!

Each small treat bag contained a mini jewelry box, (I painted and customized it for each guest) a teeny-bouncer ball, a mini gel pen, a sheet of micro stickers, a tube of mini m&ms, and a Littlest Pet Shop toy.

One last hug for each guest, and it was time to say good-bye.

The final picture of the party; the aftermath! I love this picture. The fork is about as long as my index finger. It was my own baby fork when I was tiny, and I thought it would be the perfect thing for my daughter to enjoy her birthday cake with. The final touch!

Be sure to look at all the decorations and details for this party here, and to check out the tiny party food here.

*Thanks again to Nichole Skelton Photography for the completely beautiful pictures! It was so nice to just focus on the party, the guests, and my daughter and not worry about capturing the moments on camera!

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