Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bacon And Eggs

I recently learned a few new rhymes to do with my littlest fella. He really likes action songs and rhymes right now, so I was glad to learn some new ones and expand our repertoire. I'll pass the others along soon, but for today, I give you Bacon And Eggs. Bacon and eggs. acon and eggs. These are my arms, (gesture to arms, or rub your toddler's arms) And these are my legs. (same deal, but with legs) These are my eyes, (point to yours or his) These are my ears, (point to yours or his) They'll grow big in about ten years (hold up all ten fingers) He loves it and will rub his arms and tug his ears to ask me to do it with him. I thought it would be fun to cook the foods that are in each of my new little songs, (they all have food in them) for him to taste, and then do the rhymes together. I already knew he liked eggs, but it turns out he is a big fan of bacon too.

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  1. I see you are finally getting your PAT visits! We had the same rhyme taught to us this last week. Who is your facilitator?


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