Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Easter Egg

I love this book. It is the story of a community of bunnies who do their best each year to make the most beautiful egg they can, for the one who has the superior egg, gets to help the Easter Bunny deliver all the eggs on Easter morning. As I was reading the story, my daughter stopped me and said, "Mom! I know who the illustrator is for this! It is Jan Brett!" I had read the title, but not the credits when I began, so I asked how she knew, and she pointed out a few characteristic points of the paintings, so she knew this must be a Jan Brett book. I was tickled by her observation, and by her ability to recognize and recall similar points from books we'd read previously. After our story, we decorated our own Easter eggs, albeit paper ones. We used sponge painting as our medium, and soft spring colours for our palate.
This egg was decorated to look like the robin's egg from the book. Solid blue.

My girl painted her egg, then swirled the colours all together, and it turned out very pretty.

And my oldest chose that rather to decorate his egg in an abstract pattern, he would paint a spring animal on it, like one of the bunnies did in the book.

I'm afraid that my own creativity was not as great as my children's. This is my very traditional take on an Easter egg.

They are now all hanging up, setting a holiday mood around our home.

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