Friday, April 8, 2011

Jelly Bean Math

A bag of jelly beans holds wonderful potential.

We started by looking at our bag and naming off the colours we could see. Then we tried to predict which colour there would be the most of. Our guess was purple.

I made a quick chart on the computer with columns that were labeled in each colour, and printed it off, then we dumped out our bag and started dividing them up. Look what tidy lines he is making!

When we were finished, we could compare the amounts. My guy was really good at interpreting his graph, and as you can see, while our guess of purple was a close second, we had so many orange jelly beans they ran right off the page! We talked about which had the most, the least, and then put them in order from the least to the greatest.

The last activity I did with him was a few simple math questions that I wrote on the back of 3x5" index cards. I would write out the first part of the equation, (in this case 3+5=) and then he would put the appropriate number of jelly beans under each number, then count them all up to find the answer, which I would then write down. This was a great visual way to review some math concepts.

But I have to say, he enjoyed doing the subtraction questions more! And I bet you can think of why!

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  1. I love the idea! We did one like that for the 100 day celebration in Kindergarten this past week. The kids loved it. Who knew jelly beans could boost the brain? Perhaps they should list that as a selling feature their packaging =)


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