Monday, May 2, 2011

Crackers and Crumbs

I set out a fun snack with a few different kinds of crackers for the kids on this day, and tried to snag a picture. The light from the window behind was too bright and this was as good as I got. But you get the idea.
This is the last of the new rhymes I had learned that I wanted to pass on:

Crackers and crumbs,
Crackers and crumbs.
These are my fingers, (wiggle your fingers, or grab onto theirs)
And these are my thumbs. (wiggle your thumbs, or grab theirs)
These are my eyes, (point to yours or theirs)
These are my ears, (point to yours or theirs)
They'll grow big in about 10 years. (hold out both hands to show the number ten)

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