Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Letter Of The Week - N

The letter N was next in line, and we had a good time with it.

Day One:

We made our letter page for our binder, and this time we decorated it with nuts. It was funny that he first wanted to do all the dots of glue and then put on all the nuts. His usual pattern has been dot the glue, attach the craft, dot the glue, attach the craft, but not this time!

I usually have him hold up the letter once it is finished so I can get a good picture of him with it, but with the glue still wet and the nuts rather large, I was sure that they would all fall off if he tried to hold it upright.

Our alphabet book this week was Alphabetter, and it was adorable. Each page has a child who wants to do something, but can't because they are missing something. For example, Alberto had an alligator, but he didn't have a bathing suit. BenoƮt had a bathing suit, but he didn't have a clarinet. I'm sure you can figure out what Cara has. It was funny. Of course at the end, the kids all pass their items to the child before, and everyone has what they need.

Day Two: N is for Nursery Rhymes

*We read the Scott Gustafson collection of nursery rhymes. They are so beautifully illustrated! Just beautiful!

*We played Jack Be Nimble. I set out a candle and candle stick on our floor, and then we all took turns jumping over, and inventing new challenges for the next player. For example, we jumped forwards, backwards, sideways, we did a jump/spin, one foot, eyes closed, etc. This game was a bigger hit than I had anticipated. Awesome.

*We played Pat-a-Cake. (over and over and over)

*We painted our hands black and made some creepy spiders

(think Little Miss Muffet)

*We gave each other clues and had the other person guess which nursery rhyme it was. For example, 'I sit on a wall, I got broken, they couldn't fix me, who am I?' Humpty Dumpty!

Day Three: N is for Noodles

*We, of course, at noodles for lunch
*We played the Mr. Noodle game
*Read Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
*Sang "On Top of Spaghetti"
*We made noodle necklaces:

I wanted to dye the noodles to make them more fun to work with, so I tried, and it kind of worked, but I think that if I try again some time, I'll go and buy white pasta instead of using our whole wheat. The colours didn't show up as nicely as I would have liked. That being said, here is how I dyed the noodles:

-we scooped about 1/2 cup of noodles into four different ziplock baggies, and added a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and 5-6 drops of food colouring to each. We zipped them shut and shook them up.

-Then we dumped out the noodles onto a cookie sheet and left them to dry.

-We threaded them on a string, and created the necklaces.

(My guy didn't want to wear his. He put it in his room, and then on Mother's Day, he pulled it out and brought it to me as a gift. So Sweet!!!)

Day Four: N is for Nutrition

*We printed out clip art of vegetables and coloured them, then we assembled our own Aiken Drum man and sang the song again using the veggies we had instead of the original lyrics.

*We watched this YouTube clip

*I dumped out all my daughter's toy food and then....

We talked about the four food groups and divided them up.

*We drew a food pyramid and talked about how many of each food group we should try to eat everyday

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