Friday, June 24, 2011

Easiest Summer Invites

I am throwing two, (very low key!) little parties next week for my kids and their classmates. One for my boy who finished grade two, and one for my newly-graduated kindergarten daughter. I like to make invitations to parties and since this is a 'celebrate the beginning of summer' party, I wanted to do something summery.

For my girl's, I decided on a watermelon invitation. What could be more summery, right? Then when I had pulled out my paper and supplies, I had a brilliant idea of how to make them and do it quickly. I felt so smart.

Instead of cutting out individual triangles, which would be tedious, I traced two circles. A larger green one for the rind, and a smaller red one for the fruit. Layer on top of each other and glue in place.

Then I flipped it over, and on the back I drew lines to cut on.

Snip, snip, snip, six invitation done in two minutes! LOVED that! I repeated the circles once more, and suddenly I had enough for the whole class. I used my trusty sharpie to add some seeds,

And then on the rind I wrote the names of the kids and embellished them a bit. Love. Write the date and time on the back, and you're done. Seriously took 15 minutes from start to finish.

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