Friday, July 15, 2011

Letter Of The Week - U

The letter U is Unbelievable! Another great week.

Day One:

* We made our letter page, this time decorating the U with stickers of umbrellas.
*We read Alphabet Adventure for our book. I really liked this book since it wasn't a "A is for Apple" type. It was actually a story about some lowercase letters who wanted to go to school to teach the kids, but the letter i had lost it's dot and they had to search far and wide.

*We also watched a Sesame street video of a song called, "U Really Got a Hold on Me."

Day Two: U is for Up

*We grabbed our stuffies and sang The Grand Old Duke of York, and raised and lowered our stuffies as the song progresses.
*We watched the Disney movie, "Up."
*We watched another Sesame Street song about Up and Down
*We read Robert Munsch's Up, Up Down, and Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers

Day Three: U is for Unicorn

*We taped Popsicle sticks on our foreheads to be 'horns' and we played Unicorn Family. This is exactly like playing house, except you are all unicorns.
*We read Goldilicious and Alphabeasts

*We did a unicorn dot to dot page
*We did an online puzzle

Day Four: U is for Umbrella

I found a few great printables that we turned into memory games.

*Umbrellas and Raindrops
*We turned them all over and had to find the matches of the number on the umbrella and the number of raindrops. It was a good exercise to review counting and sight recognition for numbers.

*We used pillows for puddles, and opened up umbrellas in our living room and sang, "Walking 'Round the Puddle." Very fun.

*We made a fun craft from cupcake wrappers and pipe-cleaners.

*Here is the other printable I found. It was a shape/colour matching one.

*Winning feels good!

*We found another online puzzle

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  1. I love all your ideas. Finally some original ideas for letter of the week! I am super excited about the song and video suggestions. My son really responds to music, so the old duke of York song is absolutely perfect! Thank you!


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