Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Letter Of The Week - V

Time to catch up on a letter of the week post.

Day One:

*We made our letter for our binder. We decorated the V with Velcro sticky-tabs.
*We read A Cow's Alfalfabet for our book.

Day Two: V is for Vacation

*We were happy to be home and on summer vacation with all the kids and so we celebrated that for our letter of the week.

*We put on swimming suits and played in the back yard
*We ate freezies and watermelon
*We read The Happy Lion's Vacation and The Sandcastle Contest

Day Three: V is for Video Games

Oh the guilt that followed this letter day! My boy loved it, absolutely, but it wasn't the type of thing I would have initiated. But when your four year old says, "Hey! V could be for Video Game!" What else can you do?

*We played Super Mario Bros together, and wore the Mario hats he got from a birthday party he attended

*We played preschool computer games on

*We read Too Many Toys.

Day Four: V is for Vegetables

Perhaps in an attempt to make up for the day before, we did lots of activities with veggies.

*We did a worksheet with pictures of vegetables on one side and their names written down the other. Then he had to sound out the words and match it with the picture. He did VERY well. I was so impressed!

*We ate veggies and dip for a snack

*We did potato stamping

*We played Mr. Potato Head

*We went out into the yard and weeded our vegetable patch.

It was a good week, even if I was a slacker mom on day three!

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