Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joy School - Weather

We had another great week at Joy School. This week our theme was Weather, which leaves so many fun ways to go with the lesson. It was great.

Lesson Time: Our host mom started out by asking the kids what kind of weather they could think of. At first they were a little stuck and kept naming seasons. "Winter!" "Summer!" It was so cute. So she worked with them and guided them until they figured out the difference between a season, (winter) and the weather you get in that season (snow).

We talked about fun things you can do in all sorts of weather, which was a good thing to do since summer is dying around here and some times kids can feel like they can't do anything anymore once that hot sun goes away.

Finally, she taught about how people can even use the weather. Like electricity from wind, solar power from the sun, etc.

Craft Time:

We made a weather chart. I was so happy to do this. It is something I've been meaning to do (why is my list for those projects always so long?) and haven't ever actually made with my kids. So the kids all started out with a paper plate with a hole punched in the center. Then they were given a sheet of paper with various weather possibilities and the corresponding pictures. (ie cloudy, rainy, hot, cold, snowy, etc) After they had cut out the pictures, they glued them around the edges of the plate. Then we used a construction paper arrow and a brad to make a spinning dial. Perfect.

Wiggle Time: Windy Day Balloon Game

This was so fun! The idea behind it was to show how the wind can move the clouds around. She blew up a white balloon for each child and then with her hair dryer she started to blow them up in the air and the kids had to try to catch them. It was crazy and so much fun. Lots of giggles to be heard.

Art Time:

We made such gorgeous pin wheels! The host mom had double sided scrapbook paper and when we made the pin wheels out of them, they looked soooo pretty! This was a more difficult project the weather charts and needed some more mommy-help, but it was still fun to do together.

Science Time:
This was such a great demonstration about clouds and rain! The kids each got a small bowl of water and a dry cotton ball. First we looked at the cotton ball and observed how it was light and fluffy. Then we put our cotton balls into the water and watched them swell up and get bigger. Then they picked them up again, and there was so much water in our 'clouds' that it started to dribble out back into the bowls.

Snack Time: And what do you get after the rain? A rainbow!

She had made all the colours of jello and the kids each got a clear cup and a spoon. We took turns with the jello and passed it around until they had made a jello rainbow in their cups.

We topped it off with a whipped cream cloud and then the kids enjoyed their treat.

Craft Time:

Our host explained the water cycle to us and then we made water cycle bracelets to help us remember each step of the process.

My guy just wanted to do one cycle's worth of beads, but other kids went on to repeat it again and again, just like in real life.

Story Time:

We read this great book. It has a little bit of a story to it of why this child likes the snow, but the pages also lift up to explain a scientific fact about snow that corresponds with what the child had said. For example, she likes the way snow crunches when she walks on it. The text under the lift the page section teaches that the sound is actually the sound of the ice crystals getting broken by the weight of the steps. The child likes the way snow makes night not so dark, and the lift the page section teaches about how snow reflects the light of the moon and makes the night brighter. Very interesting.

I honestly don't remember if we sang songs or had a music time at this Joy School. I guess I should have blogged it sooner before my mind reallocated those neurons! But if you are looking for some ideas of weather songs, you could sing, "Once There Was a Snowman," "Mr. Sun," "Rain, Rain, Go Away," or "Micheal Finnegan."

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