Thursday, October 13, 2011

School Lunches - Part 2: Same Ingredients, Different Presentation

My kids aren't really fussy eaters, but when it comes to sandwiches, it really all comes down to ham and cheese. They will not touch peanut butter and jelly. (Isn't that supposed to be the childhood standard? How did I get the only kids who can't stand the stuff???) Anyway, if they are going to have a sandwich, they want to have ham and cheese.

So we've been doing that. But even something they enjoy can seem repetitive after a while. So here is how we shook up the norm:

Idea #1: Home made Lunchables. I put crackers, cheese slices, and rolled up slices of ham into a Tupperware, then when they have their lunches the can build their own creations.

Idea #2: Baked-in-a-blanket. I used a package of Pillsbury crescent dough and wrapped the triangles around the ham and cheese before I popped it in the oven. They loved these. I have had requests for more several times.

Idea #3: Kabobs. These were another one they really liked. No bread this time, but I just strung cubes of meat and cheese on toothpicks and filled up the containers. Easy peasey.

How else would you shake up the standard sandwich?


  1. Love it! Have you tried doing the sandwiches with cookie cutter centres, one with white bread, one with whole wheat, then swapping centres for contrast? That's Cohen's latest fave. :)

  2. Thanks to this post I have discovered my kids LOVE cheeses and ham kabbobs and want them now daily as a snack.

  3. My kids hate pb&j too, so I'm glad to see we are not alone. We do them as wraps or sliced into pinwheels, or on a bagel. Thanks for the ideas - I'm loving the bus but not that I don't see him for a whole day :(


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