Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Letter Of The Week - B

Our first Letter of the Week worked out really well, and we were both eager to see what kinds of fun we could come up with for week two.

Day One: We made this week's page for our binder and decorated it with buttons.

He was very specific about which buttons from my button jar he wanted to use - no pink! We also found that flat buttons, rather than the kind with the loop in the back, worked best for our project.

He was so funny with this! Look how straight and precise his buttons are. I thought he'd just add them like polka-dots, but he was very meticulous. Loved to watch that.
Our alphabet book this week was ABC and 1,2,3: A Sesame Street Treasury of Words and Numbers ,which he was given as a gift at his party a few weeks ago.
Day Two: B is for Bugs
* We read The Ant and the Grasshopper
* We read The Very Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
* We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, also by Eric Carle, then made a corresponding craft:
We started by cutting a cardboard egg carton down the middle, painting all the bumps but one green, and the front one red.

We used a sharp kitchen knife to make two slits on the top of the red bump.

We threaded a 5" length of pipe cleaners through the slits to create antenna, then added a face.

And then we had our very own Hungry Caterpillar!
*We sang Arabella Miller
*We sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider
*We sang The Ants Go Marching
*We went to the Bookmobile and got the Magic School Bus DVD, Bugs Bugs Bugs, then came home and watched it.

Day Three: B is for Boats

* We read Where the Wild Things Are
* We read The Owl and the Pussy Cat
* We read Curious George Goes to the Boat Show
* We made our very own sailboat using a tinfoil pan, a wooden kabob skewer, a sheet of construction paper, a lump of Playdoh, and some markers and stickers for a little flare.

*Then we tested it out in the tub to see if it would float. (Please note we had to add some playmobile Pirates to the ship before it could set sail!)
Day Four: B is for Birds

*We made, filled, and hung a bird feeder.
*We did some feather painting

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