Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter Of The Week - D

This past week we had fun with the letter D. My older kids were out of school for the Family Day holidays, so they were with us as we did all kids of Delightful things.

Day One: We made our letter. I was kind of stuck to think of some way to decorate it using that letter. All I could think of was dice. Dice, dice, dice. But of course, you can't just glue actual dice on the page; it would be too bulky, and the glue wouldn't be able to hold the weight. And then on Monday morning, I had a brilliant mind wave.

We could use our ink pad and a pair of dice from a game, and stamp images of dice all over our D. I was so happy. And it was actually really fun for my boy to do too. We don't do much with stamps, and he loved it.

Our alphabet book this week:
Day Two: D is for Dogs.

*I found this cute little D is for Dog page online, so we coloured it and practised tracing the capital and lower case letters along the bottom.
*We sang "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?"
*We read several Clifford The Big Red Dog books

*We made doggy-ear headbands and pretended to be dogs
*We went to the pet store and looked at dogs.

Day Three: D is for Dragons
*We sang Puff the Magic Dragon
*We watched How To Train Your Dragon
*We read this book that we got from the library.

*The three of them worked together to make their own dragon craft. We didn't have a pattern, so we just used what we had and made up our own. (The body is an empty bleach bottle we covered with green paper) They were all so proud of it when it was done. The only problem was that we only had one bleach bottle, so when they were finished, there was only one dragon. Rather than wait for a turn with the dragon, the older two grabbed some empty cereal boxes and used them to make their own dragons.
Day Four: D is for Ducks

*We sang lots of duck songs and found cute movies for them on Youtube. We watched this one, Elmo Has Four Ducks, many, many times.
*We also watched Rubber Ducky, You're The One, Do De Duck, and Five Little Ducks That I Once Knew
*We played Duck, Duck, Goose.

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