Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mystery Bag Game

Here is a quick little game we played this morning, and I am sure that you will have all the materials you need to play it on a moment's notice.

All you really need are two non-transparent bags, I used two brown paper lunch sacks, and pairs of similar items. Two golf balls, two pennies, two toy cars, and so forth.

To get ready for the game, gather your items and put one of each pair into each bag so that their contents are identical. Give one to your child, and keep the other bag for yourself. (You could also play this with more than one child if you were to made more identical mystery bags.)

Then reach in, and without looking, select one thing that is in your bag and describe it as well as you can (good for building descriptive language skills!) and the other player, also without looking, tries to find the object you described.

Once you think you've found the match, count to three, and pull out the items you are holding. If you have a match, give yourselves a point!
Then switch turns and let the other person describe something they feel in their bag. Can you find what they are describing?

It was a hoot to listen to him think of sensory words based on touch. Soft, hard, smooth, bumpy, prickly, squishy, round, square....etc.
The items we had in our bags were a set of keys, a bean bag, a ball, a scrabble tile, a spoon, and a small toy lion.
To make it more challenging, you could add more items. Or you could fill your bags with things that are more similar, like crayons, pencils, and markers. They are all long and thin and hard, and could be trickier to differentiate.

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