Friday, March 11, 2011

Tiny Party Hats - How To

I wanted to have lots of little accents for my daughter's recent Tiny Party, and little wee party hats were on the list!

I started as I usually do, by tracing a circle and working from that, but this time I traced my smallest mixing bowl.

After winding them up to create the cone, and stapling them in place, I wanted to make them special for the party. I decided to fancy them up with a little tissue paper fringe.

I cut out long strips of tissue paper that were about 2"wide. Then I folded them in half, (to make a fuller look) and snipped close to the fold line for the entire length. I used a glue stick around the base of the hat, and then attached the fringe I made. When I had wrapped the entire circumference, I snipped off the tissue, and used the remaining portion to begin the next hat.

Then I made these little toppers for the hats. I used the scraps from the cones, and traced the lid of one of my spice jars for the circle. Then I cut them out with my scalloped scissors. The centers are just white card stock, and for that size I traced a penny.

Once I glued that on the top, I placed it next to a standard sized party hat I made for my son's first birthday last fall. It really helps to see just how little the mini hats are!

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