Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lamb Cupcakes

We went to a children's festival on the weekend, and there was a petting zoo. Petting zoos are always fun, but this one was extra special because since it is the middle of April, there were lots of new baby animals for the kids to hold. Baby chicks! Baby goats! Baby bunnies! Baby piglets! And even little white baby lambs! Adorable.

With that fresh in my mind, today we made some baby lamb cupcakes. The inspiration is from the Martha Stewart website. Here is how we did it:

*I mixed up my regular white cake recipe, and a batch of white icing.
*Then we spread the icing over the top of the cupcakes, as you normally would.

*We mad the lamb faces from chocolate chips, Martha used something else, but this is what I had in my kitchen. The eyes were made with the tips pointing down into the icing, and the nose was a chip on its side to make a triangle.
*The ears were large marshmallows cut in half on the diagonal and the wool was made from mini marshmallows. (I got to use up my leftovers from our Children's Book Club)

*The finished product. Isn't it cute?

*Of course, after they were decorated we all enjoyed one. It was funny to see how quickly he could 'shear' his sheep of it's marshmallow wool!

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