Thursday, April 14, 2011

Letter Of The Week - J

Our Letter J week was just jiving! We had a couple of extra kids around for the week while their parents were on a trip, so for several of the activities they joined in too, so that was good. Day One: Our Letter J page was decorated with sparkly Jewels from the craft box. Our alphabet book this week was J is for Jump Shot, a Basketball Alphabet. Day Two: J is for Jungles * We made Jaguar paintings. I printed off a blank colouring page online, and we painted them yellow.
Then we used Q-tips to add the dots.

*We watched a Youtube video of a Rhino Song

* We built our jungle animals puzzle

*We played Suffy's Safari

*I made him his own safari in our living room. I took ten of our jungle animal figurines and hid them in the piano bench, behind the couch, under the end tables, on the book shelf....everywhere. Then I set the kids loose looking for them. Some they found right away, but some of them needed me to play hot-and-cold for them to find the lost animals.

*I made a list of all the animals that needed to be found on our safari, and when they found them, they had to line them up on their names. A little reading practise.

Day Three: J is for Jump

*I drew a hopscotch grid on the driveway with sidewalk chalk, and we jumped around and had a good time with it. This game lasted a surprisingly long time. I was out of breath by the time they were done.

*We read several jumping themed storybooks: Norma Jean, Jumping Bean, Jump, and Jumping Day.

*We sang Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.

*We played Jump Rope. My kids are too little to turn the rope themselves and jump over it with each rotation, so we found new way to play. I stood in the center of the driveway and held on to one end of the rope, then spun around with the rope swinging out in a large circle on the ground. Then they had to jump over it when it came to them. I wish I could have had a picture of this, but obviously I couldn't take pictures while spinning the rope.

Day Four: J is for Jelly Beans

This day rivaled I is for Ice Cream in its popularity.

*We sorted our pile of jelly beans onto a colour wheel.

*We did our jelly bean math

*I took out my regular children's bingo game, and we played it...

Using jelly beans as the markers! When someone had a bingo, we ate all the jelly beans on our cards, and played again.

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