Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Letter Of The Week - L

Letter L was Lots of Laughs!

Day One:
I had first thought of using lace to decorate. But it turns out I didn't have any, and to just buy lace for no reason is kind of pricey. But when I had gone to the bulk bins at my local grocery store and picked out a few lollipops to decorate our letter, it turned out that they are a VERY economical candy. I think I spent $0.63 for 10. Pretty good!

After we made our letter, we enjoyed one of our extra treats!

Since this was Easter week, I found two holiday alphabet books: ABC Easter Bunny, and An Easter Alphabet. I wouldn't say that either of them made me want to rush out to the bookstore, but it was still fun to have something special and different.

I added one more thing this day that we don't usually do on day one, but we watched a YouTube clip of a letter L song that I just love.

Day Two: L is for Lion

*We sang and chanted the 'Going on a Lion Hunt' song

*I found this great lion shapes page here.

*We made our hand print lion

*We listened to the music of The Lion King as we crafted

*We read two Aesop's fables: The Lion and the Mouse, and The Lion, the Donkey, and the Fox.

*We read the Mother Goose Rhyme: The Lion and the Unicorn

Day Two: L is for Lamb

*We made our marshmallowy Lamb Cupcakes

*We played with our lamb puppets

*We sang Mary Had A Little Lamb, (about 327 times!)

*We made this cute little heart-lamb craft
*We read Sleep, Baby, Sleep, and One Little Lamb

Day Four: L is for Lemons

I thought this day would be harder to fill than it turned out to be. Happy surprise.

*We made secret paintings and secret messages. To do this, pour about 1/4-1/2 a cup of lemon juice into a small bowl, and get a couple of Q-tips ready. Then using the Q-tip as a paint brush, and the lemon juice as paint, make your picture. Let it dry. It will be invisible.

To reveal your hidden pictures, you need to heat up your paper. I tried using a hair dryer, and didn't get anywhere with it. Then I tried my iron, and that worked really well. You can see my picture is appearing just from being beside it! It was pretty fun to watch a picture appear from no where.

*We made lemon-poppy seed muffins

*We played lemon bowling

*We handled, smelled and cut lemons. But I could not get my guy to try tasting one!

*We read Lemons Are Not Red, and The Red Lemon. (Funny how those books had such similar titles, isn't it?)

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