Monday, May 30, 2011

Letter Of The Week - O

The Letter O. We had a good time with it.

Day One:

I did something a little different this time with our letter craft. For every other letter, I've found a craft supply or decoration that begins with the letter we are working on, but this time, I thought it would be fun to use Cheerios since they look like little Os.

He had fun doing it. He'd glue a few on, pop a few into his mouth, glue on a few more, eat a few more....

I'm still not sure if I would do the Cheerios again. I really liked the letters matching the decorations, and I like this too, but after so many letters, it is tempting to say, "O is for Cheerios!... Wait, no it isn't."

*The alphabet book we read this week was Alphabeep. Cute, not amazing.

Day Two: O is for Owls

*We did this owl printing page. I was happy with how well he traced his letters.

*We made this absolutely adorable Owl Craft
*We watched some Hoot videos on the Sesame Street website

Day Three: O is for Oceans

*We watched Finding Nemo

*We sang "Hole in the Bottom of the Sea"

*We made a paper plate clam

*We watched some sections of the Planet Earth DVD, 'Shallow Seas'

*We read Little Toot

Day Four: O is for Opposites

*We wore our clothes backwards

*We played a guessing game with these Sesame Street cards I got at the dollar store. On one side a Sesame Street character is doing something and it is labeled above. On the other side the same character is doing the opposite. So there might be a picture of Ernie holding a big rubber ducky on one side, and a tiny one on the other side. Or Big Bird on the top of a ladder on one side, and at the bottom on the other. I spread them all out and we'd choose one and guess what the picture would be on the side we couldn't see. After we made our guess, we'd flip it over to see if we were right.

*We ate pancakes for supper instead of breakfast

*We played opposite memory, where all the cards have a word on the back and you have to find the matching pairs of opposites. I thought this would be hard with no pictures to cue him, but he did really, really well. He beat me, in fact.

*We read Dr Seuss' The Foot Book

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