Friday, June 10, 2011

Letter Of The Week - P

This weeks Letter P was Perfect! It was actually my favourite letter of the week in a little while. We had so much fun.

Day One: We made our letter page and decorated it with Pom-poms.

His very cute finished project.

There was a teachers store in my town that was going out of business so I had gone to load up on cheap supplies. I bought a 2lbs bag of pompoms. Do you have any idea how many pompoms it takes to make two pounds??? I will have pompoms forever. I was glad to have a chance to use some of them here!

Our alphabet book this week was An ABC of Pirates, and everyone really enjoyed that one!

Day Two: P is for Pigs

My daughter loves pigs. She loves pigs. So when we started this letter of the week project months ago, she said, "Oh, Mom! When you get to 'P,' you just HAVE to do P is for Pigs!" So we did.

*We played with our pig puppets. I was going to do a puppet show for my guy of the Three Little Pigs, but he said he would rather we just played puppets with them, so we did. Our puppets were on an adventure on a mountain top, where they ate a very large picnic.
*We played This Little Piggy on our toes

*We did a P is for Pig worksheet and practiced our printing skills.

Day Three: P is for Penguins

*We watched Planet Earth about penguins (amazing!)

*We did a penguin dot-to-dot sheet
*We watched the YouTube clip of the dancing penguins from Mary Poppins

Day Four: P is for Pirates

My favourite day! It was so fun!
*We all dressed-up like scurvy dogs.
*We had sword fights

*We coloured pictures of pirates

*I set up a treasure hunt all around our house with clues for the kids to solve, which lead them to this treasure box full of freshly baked cookies.

*We played Pop-Up Pirate

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