Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter Of The Week - Q

The Letter Q was a challenging week. We ended up having lots of fun, and it turns out it was more of an initial mental block than a difficult letter. I eventually came up with some good stuff. (And it turns out that Q isn't nearly as difficult as U or V. Yikes!) But I digress...

Day One:

We made our letter page and decorated it with Q-tips, which went well. But you may notice that my man glued the Q onto the paper as a mirror image of the way it ought to be. Ha! I loved it, and couldn't bear to change it when he wasn't watching. I think it captured the moment.

Our alphabet book was The Hidden Alphabet, which was really fun. It was a lift-the-flap book, and a portion of the letter would be showing that would look like something else, then when you lifted the flap, you saw the whole letter. Very creative!

Day Two: Q is for Quick

*We had races to see who could do little tasks the quickest. Getting dressed, making beds, putting on shoes, etc. It was great since this was a particularly busy day and I need him to help me by obeying quickly.
*We added NesQuik to our milk to have chocolate milk.
*We watched the Sesame Street Quickly or Slowly clip.

*We read I'm As Quick As A Cricket

Day Two: Q is for Queen

We had fun with this day, but I am sure that if my letter of the week activities were more targeted at my daughter, she would have loved that. Boys just aren't as into queens as girls are. That being said, here is what we did:

*We watched Alice in Wonderland. It has a queen, you know.

* I hid a bunch of craft jewels in some dried lentils and split peas, and then we had to 'find the queen's lost jewels'

*Then we made the Queen's Crown and put the jewels on. Funnily, he refused to wear the finished product because it was a QUEEN's crown, and he was a boy, and therefore had no business wearing it.

*We learned a new finger rhyme:

There were five queens on a quest (Hold up five fingers)

To see who was the very best (Wiggle fingers)

The first queen went to take a test (Touch thumb)

The second queen said, I'll go out west (Touch index finger)

The third queen climbed Mount Everest (Touch middle finger)

The fourth queen made a beautiful vest (Touch ring finger)

The fifth queen said, I'll just take a rest. (Touch little finger)

Day Three: Q is for Quilts

A very cosy day!

*We made little quilts out of felt for our small toys to snuggle under at night.

*We read Oma's Quilt, Quilt Counting, and The Quiltmaker's Gift

*We built forts out of quilts

*We snuggled under a quilt and watched a video and ate treats

*We learned a new quilt poem:

With out hands we made this quilt,

We each made a special part,

To show you the friendship that we share,

Warms each little heart

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  1. Thank you for my inspiration for "Q"- grateful you are a step ahead!


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