Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt Patterns

During our Letter of the Week for Q, we had a Q is for Quilts day, and one of the activities we did was to create some little quilts for our dolls and animals. It was really great, and was a good learning activity.

We are lucky enough to have real, hand made quilts on all our beds, thanks to some very talented grandmothers and great grandmothers. And before we started making our quilts, we looked at them all and saw how they all had patterns. Some had patterns of shapes, some of colours, some of stitches, some had all three.

Then I brought out some felt shapes I had cut out from all different colours and then talked about how to make patterns of our own.
The kids set out their own patterns on their fabric and really came up with some creative ways to arrange their quilts.

They did patterns of alternating colours, or of shapes, or even of the way they had the same shape oriented.

Then, once they had gotten all their rows finished the way they wanted, I brought out the glue and they assembled their quilts.

After the glue had dried, they wrapped up their toys and tucked them in for a nap. Loved it.

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