Monday, July 4, 2011

Letter Of The Week - S

Had another great week with our letter. This week was S. Stupendous!
Day One: This week came around the time we were trying to plant our garden. But we had such a wet and rainy spring, we hadn't made it outside yet. On the upside, this gave me plenty of materials with which to decorate....Seeds!

The Turn-Around, Upside-Down Alphabet Book was this week's selection. It was adorable! Each page had a large letter on it, and you physically turned the book to all four directions to see what the letter would make. An arrow? An alligator's mouth? So fun.

Day Two: S is for Shapes

This is the first time I'd done a sound that uses a combination of letters. Yes, S is the first letter of 'shapes' but shapes doesn't start with an Ssss sound. I was okay with this little blip, since my son is really very strong on his sounds, and combinations are probably more appropriate for his level.

*We pulled out this classic Tupperware toy. Doesn't everyone have this? Didn't you all grow up with them?
*For a snack, I cut food into different shapes and we ate them. Cheese was a square, orange slices were circles, pretzel sticks were rectangles... it was fun

* We used our unit blocks. I love unit blocks. Seriously, if you don't have any, you've got to go out and get some for your child's next birthday. It is a classic for a reason. So, before we started to build with them, we looked at how we could combine some shapes to make others. Ie: Two triangles can make a square, etc.

* Then we played around and built some fun things together.

*We played our Cookie Monster Wii game. (There are some shape activities)

Day Three: S is for Sports

Back to a simple Ssss sound this time.

*We played catch with our scoops toy (you can get this for $1)

*We played floor hockey

*We played with our little basketball hoop

Day Four: S is for Snakes

*We pulled out our Playdoh and made some slithery snakes!

*This was my rattlesnake.

*We played Snakes and Ladders

*We played with our snake sock puppets

*We played Snake-and-mouse hide and seek.(The person who is it, is a snake. All the hiders are mice)

And that was it! Another fun week!

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