Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Water and Sponges

You don't need to have a wading pool, slip n' slide, or even a sprinkler, for a good and wet afternoon in the summer. We found that we can have lots of fun with just a big bucket and a new package of sponges.

Here are some ways we had a blast.

1. Free-for-all Water Fight. Soak the sponges in the tub, grab them and fling the water from them at your friends, or throw the whole sponge.

2. Sponge Dodge-Ball. Divide the yard in two, and have the teams throw the sponges at each other. If you get hit, you're out. Be sure to have a big bucket on each side to re-soak the sponges during the game.

3. Sponge Tag. For this one, only one player gets a sponge. They have to chase down the other kids, just like regular tag, but when they are close enough to get a good shot, they throw the sponge to catch their opponent.

4. Painting the Fence/House. Use the wet sponges to paint the fence, draw a picture, or sign your name. Give it a few minutes in the hot sun, and it will be dried up and gone, and you'll have a fresh canvas to start all over!

5. Water Table. For the smaller crowd, a big bucket and a handful of sponges provides entertainment in and of itself, no games required. Plus an advantage to the big bucket vs an actual water table is that if your toddler wants to, he can climb right on in!

So there are a few ways we've been staying cool around here! Hope you like them!

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