Friday, August 5, 2011

Letter Of The Week - Y

Day One:

(again, sorry about the sideways photo!)

We made our letter Y and decorated it with Yellow Yarn! I thought it was funny how my guy decided to cut little strips of it and glue them on individually, rather than just one long piece. Funny kid.

We read a book called ABC Do You Ever Feel Like Me, (which I can't seem to find a link for on Amazon. Check your local library, since that is where we found ours). It had pictures of children with different expressions. Excited, Scared, Happy, etc. It was a good way to open up a conversation about feelings and what can make us feel one way or another.

Day Two: Y is for Yellow

*I gave him a yellow bath
*We wore yellow clothes

*We made homemade Playdoh and added yellow food colouring

*We ate yellow Jello
*We listened to the Beatles, "Yellow Submarine" which he thought was a hilarious song, by the way

Day Three: Y is for Yucky

This was a fun day!

* We made slime - ewww!
*Ate Sloppy Joes for supper

*We made Magic Mud
*We dug in our garden looking for worms

Day Four: Y is for Yo-Yo

This seems to be another inevitable alphabet day...much like 'x is for x-ray.' But we had fun with it.

*We found a Yo-you worksheet and coloured it.
*We listened to a selection of Yo-Yo Ma's music

*We played with a yo-yo

*Watched a sesame street yo-yo clip

*We read Yo Yo Man

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