Thursday, November 3, 2011

Children's Book Club: The Halloween Edition

It was our turn to host Children's Book Club again this month, and with the date landing on Halloween morning, we simply had to go with that for our little theme!

We got two Halloween books from the library, and my guy liked the both so well that 10 minutes before we were due to start, he still didn't know which one he wanted to highlight. We ended up reading both. The first was The Halloween Kid, and it reads like a western. In it, the hero saves Halloween from some candy-eating goblins. The other was Franklin's Halloween. It was fine, but not very original; Franklin books tend to run together. But since my kids always like Franklin, they loved it.

For our craft we made these cute ghosties. Just strip off the socks, brush the bottoms of their feet with white paint, and step down on some black construction paper. We tried adding the googly eyes while the paint was wet, but it didn't stick well, and we ended up using a drop of white glue instead.

We also played a game of Musical Pumpkins. It is just like traditional musical chairs, but instead of the kids having to find a seat, they have to grab a mini pumpkin when the music stops. We used the song, "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare before Christmas, which is my kids' favourite Halloween song this year. Pictured are the two finalists battling it out for first place.

Snack time! I just served water as the drink, (I figured they'd be getting enough sweets that day) but made it festive in these cute pumpkin cups I got a the dollar store a couple years ago. I also have some Frankenstein ones, but they seem to be more popular with boys than girls.

And to eat, I served those yummy pumpkin muffins, but I'll call them cupcakes since I added that delicious frosting. They were gobbled up very quickly. Look, even my two-year-old is eating the healthy part! They really are that good.

It was a fun morning, and got us into the spirit of the day.

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