Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Marshmallow Pops

We signed up to bring treats to my kids' class Christmas parties and rather than make cookies, we did something different. (My boy was so happy that his weren't the same as everyone else's)

Since I seem to be obsessed with all forms of lolli-pop-like goodies at the moment, we made some Christmas marshmallow pops.

If you like making treats that are quick, easy, and a hit with kids, these are them. Very basic stuff. I know that it is now January, and you can't use this idea now, but it is easily adaptable to different holidays. All you have to do is switch up the sprinkles.

First, poke the sticks into the marshmallows, then roll about halfway in chocolate. Then dip in bowls of festive sprinkles. I had red and green trees, red, green and white micro dots, and snowflakes for our sprinkle options. If you make them in February, use heart sprinkles, March you can use green, April you can use pastels....see how versatile this is?

All dipped and ready to share. We made them the night before so that the would be set when we brought them, but they are yummy with warm, melty chocolate too.

Last thing you need to do is watch your children get silly with anticipation.

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