Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joy School - Fish

Carrying on with our Animal Kingdom unit in Joy School, our next focus was on fish.


This Joy School mother found a book at our local library called 'Do You Know About Fish?' It was a great basic introduction, and she used it for the basis of her lesson. We learned that fish need to live in water, they have gills to breath, they move with fins, a group of fish is called a school, and that fish come in a lot of forms. We looked at some pictures of truly strange looking fish and learned about some really amazing ones that live very deep in the ocean.

Music Time:

We sang Five Little Fishes, and did the number rhyme of 1,2,3,4,5 - Once I caught a fish alive.

Art Time:

Our host had found a great colouring page with a fish bowl and five fish down the side. The fish were all numbered and the numbers were in different colours, so the children got to match their crayons to the numbers to colour their fish. Then they coloured the fish bowl. The last step was to cut out the fish and glue them into the bowl. My little man doesn't usually have a lot of patience for this type of project, but he was really into this one and did every step with care. It was fun to watch him.

Snack Time:

We enjoyed some goldfish crackers, an obvious choice and a kid favourite.

Then we tried eating some tuna fish on crackers. This went over great with some of the kids, who had multiples, but not so much with others.

Story Time:

We read The Rainbow Fish. It was a very cute story, too.

Craft Time:

We made our own rainbow fish! We made a fish-shaped frame from construction paper, and then put it on a sheet of clear mac-tac. (shelving paper). The kids got to choose all sorts of colourful tissue paper to go inside, and then we sandwiched it shut with another sheet of mac-tac. The kids then cut around the fish to get rid of the extra mac-tac, and they were left with a very cool looking rainbow fish.

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