Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joy School - Mammals

I don't have much to relate on this week's theme, because I had to step out quite early on during the morning to go to an assembly at the elementary school where my oldest two kids attend, since they were both being honoured. Could not miss that!

But - I do know they had a great day at Joy School.

And happily, I was there long enough to hear something funny. At the opening of her lesson, our host told the children that they were, in fact, mammals. Then she asked them what they thought made them mammals. She was, of course, looking for them to say that babies drink milk from their mothers, or that they have hair, or something else like that. Instead, my son screws up his face, shrugs his shoulders and says, "A potion?" HAHAHAHA!

I know that they sorted toy animals into a 'mammal' pile and an 'other' pile, and my boy came home with a letter M page that they had made and decorated with stickers of miscellaneous mammals, but I'm not sure what else went on. I still wanted to document this in my Joy School catch up though, since I loved that funny little moment from my guy!

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