Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Month-by-Month Photography

My baby girl is here!

We've happily been looking forward to having another little girl around here, and in mid-December she arrived. Hooray! Now that she has had her one-month birthday, I thought I'd share a tradition I have to document my children's growth. (Can't take all the credit though. Got the idea from my sister when she had little kids.)

For each of my children, I have chosen one of their baby blankets and a special stuffy, and on their month-birthday, I have taken a picture of them with those two things. Then, at the end of the year, I put them all into their baby books chronologically, and I can watch them grow. (The stuffy helps show scale, and the blanket keeps the pictures similar enough that it is easier to scrapbook them) Above is the picture I took yesterday of my baby girl, whose first month flew by.

Here is an example of a completed one, so you can get the idea. I didn't include each monthly picture, just to make the uploading faster.

Baby boy #3, age 1 month.
Baby Boy #3, age 6 months. (Look how much he's grown!)

Baby Boy #3, age 12 months. (Such a big guy now!)

It is an easy project that really just takes about 10 minutes a month to complete, and I have loved having a visual reminder of each stage.

At each marker, I've also tried to jot down a few things that they are doing at that stage. If they are smiling yet, sleeping through the night, stacking blocks, clapping hands, etc. The first year of babyhood always goes so quickly, that I know if I don't record things, it will all pass in a blur and I won't be able to recall specifics. So glad I've done this.

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