Thursday, December 16, 2010

Marshmallow Igloo

My oldest is studying the Inuit people and the arctic at school right now, and he is totally fascinated by all of it, which I love. His class was planning to do an art project of building igloos from marshmallows, and he was so excited! The morning of the day when the big project was going to happen, he woke up with pink eye! He was devastated when I told him that he wasn't able to go to school. There were tears.

So I went to the pantry, and we came up with our own version of the craft. (I'm sure the one at school would have been cooler, but we had no idea what we were doing and just made it up as we went. It didn't turn out too badly though.)

We started with a white foam cup, and he cut an archway out to be the entrance to the igloo.

Then we used white glue around the edge of cup and stuck it onto a white foamy plate.

I gave him a paintbrush and he painted white glue around the bottom of the cup.

And he added mini-marshmallows all the way around.

Paint another ring of glue around the cup above the first layer of marshmallows, add marshmallows, repeat, repeat, repeat...

He kept going and going, and when the cup was covered, he had his igloo. He enjoyed making this one so much, he dug out more supplies and made one for each of his siblings.

Another tragedy averted!

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  1. what about using white frosting instead of glue and they could eat their igloo later.


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