Saturday, July 16, 2011

Water Balloon Games

A bag of water balloons can supply all kinds of great fun in the summertime! Here are some ways we've played with them this year:

1. Target Toss:

You can use just about anything as a target. I pulled out a hula-hoop and we used that, but you could make a bulls eye and hang it on your fence, use sidewalk chalk to draw one, or if you have more adventurous kids, you could have them take turns to be the targets themselves!

2. Free-for-all:

Do I really need to explain this one? Just be sure each kid has plenty to work with, and they'll love this.

3. Water Balloon Launching:

We used a beach towel, but you could use a sheet, a tablecloth, or if you are super connected, you could get one of those great multicoloured parachutes from a local daycare. Have all the kids stand around the towel and hold on to the edge. Place a single water balloon in the center of the towel, then have the kids count to three. On 'one' and 'two' have them gently lift and lower the towel, and then on 'three,' yank it into the air as hard as they can to launch the balloon skyward! See how high you can make it go!

4. Water Balloon Catch:

(How did I not take any pictures of this one?)

Have the kids stand in two rows, facing each other. The rows should start out quite close together. Give each pair two water balloons. (One is a mercy balloon for them to have a second chance in the game. Once both have burst, they are out). Distribute all the balloons to one row, and on the count of three have them throw to their partners, standing opposite. If the partner catches the balloon, they are safe. If it pops, give them a second try with their mercy balloon. All successful players take one step back. Then have them toss the balloon back to their partner. After each successful catch, have them move farther and farther apart. The winning pair is the one who lasts the longest and gets the greatest distance between them. So fun!


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