Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Letter Of The Week - K

We continued on with our alphabet project and progressed to the letter K.

Day One: Now, I thought I had come up with a great way to decorate the letter for our page. Because, really, can you think of a craft material that begins with K? Neither could I. So I thought we could put on lipstick and kiss the K, and have it covered in kisses.

Well, I was way off. WAY off. My guy wanted NONE of that. So it turned into Mommy putting on the lipstick, and he pointed to the spots on the letter for me to kiss.

When my husband came home that night, I was telling him about my failed idea, and he was horrified I'd tried to have him wear lipstick and was totally on his side about this. Huh. Who knew?

Our alphabet book was K is for Kissing a Cool Kangaroo. This was a pretty funny book, with lots of great pictures for children to really explore. It was a good one.

Day Two: K is for Kangaroo

*Kangaroo jumping. We went outside and jumped as far as we could, which I marked using sidewalk chalk. Then we paced out a kangaroo jump and marked it with sidewalk chalk. We looked at the two distances and talked about them a little. Then we went back to the beginning and jumped from the start to the end of the kangaroo's jump to see how many jumps it would take us to get as far as one kangaroo jump. This was really fun.

* We made this kangaroo paper bag puppet. You can find the template here

*We read two books. The first was Pouch, and the other was Heart In The Pocket.

*We watched a segment from Planet Earth all about Kangaroos.

*For our last activity, I set up a path of items around our home and he had to jump from one to the other. We put a bag around his neck to be his 'pouch' and then when he jumped to an item, he had to figure out if it began with the letter K. If it did, he picked it up and put it in his pouch. If it didn't, he hopped to the next one. Some K items we used were a koala puppet, a kangaroo toy, a set of keys, and a kalaidascope.

Day Three: K is for Kitten

*We coloured pictures of kittens

*We read Millions of Cats , Tom Kitten, and Marie.

*We put on our mittens and sang, "Three Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens."

*We watched The AristoCats

*We recited the nursery rhyme, "Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat."

*We learned a new little finger rhyme called This Little Kitty:

(Start by holding up all 5 fingers.)This little kitty said, “I smell a mouse.”

(Take one finger away.)This little kitty said, “Let’s hunt through the house.”

(Take next finger away.)This little kitty said, “Let’s go creepy creep.”

(Pretend to creep with next finger, then take it away.)This little kitty said, “Is the mouse asleep?”

(Pretend to be asleep, then take next finger away.)This little kitty said, “Meow, meow, I saw him go through this hole just now.”

(Take last finger away.)

*We watched a micky mouse cartoon on Youtube, which I can't seem to embed, so here is the link

Day Four: K is for Kite

Living where I do, I was certain that I could plan on actually going to the park to fly a kite. We live in a windy place. But, wouldn't you know it, when we woke up that morning, there was a big, heavy, wet, snow. No kite flying for us. But we did have some other fun.

*We played the kite matching game

*We finger painted some abstract art and when it was dry we cut the paper into a diamond shape.

*We attached a piece of yarn to the bottom and had a fun kite decoration to hang on our window

*We read Curious George Flies A Kite and Lucky Song
*We sang "Let's Go Fly A Kite" from Mary Poppins

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