Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pickles and Cheese

Before we did the rhyme, I served my little guy the foods in the song. Cheese was no big deal; he'd had that a lot. But I'd never given him a pickle. I was sure I'd get a great picture of him making a sour yucky face and had the camera ready to catch it, but to my surprise, he loved it and gobbled it right down.Here is the little rhyme I promised to share:

Pickles and Cheese,
Pickles and Cheese.
These are my elbows, (tickle their elbows)
And these are my knees. (tickle their knees)
These are my eyes, (point to your eyes, or theirs)
These are my ears, (point to your ears or theirs)
They'll grow big in about 10 years. (hold out both hands with fingers stretched out)

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